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Heart Sound Recorder Workshop

  • Smeeta's Integrative Wellness Center 13410 CLARKSVILLE PIKE Highland, MD, 20777 United States (map)

Each appointment is 30 miutes each.

Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by observing the RATE, RHYTHM, and TONE of the heart cycle on the graph.

The Heart Sound Recorder is a computer-based low risk general wellness monitor which uses the principles of auscultation to observe heart sounds. During this non-invasive procedure a specialized microphone is placed over each of the four valve areas of the heart while graphing the sound and movement. The heart’s reaction to certain stressors, (i.e. chemical, nutritional, and emotional), can be observed using this type of device.

Workshop requisites:

  • Be dressed so that you can comfortably get down to one thinner layer of clothing.
  • Do not eat or drink caffeine 2 hours prior to the test as sounds of digestion can mask a solid reading of tee heart.
  • Give yourself a relaxed time frame around your scheduled appointment.

Cost: $35


For more information, visit:  Heart Sound Recorder Workshop