Intuitive & Spiritually Guided Readings

with Lisa Karasek

Susan Q. Driscoll, M.A.

Are you ready to make a shift in your life? 

Are you working towards a specific goal? 

Are you in the midst of letting go - of a job, a relationship, or a long-held belief? 

Are you ready to welcome something new into your life? 

What if you have questions like ... 

  • What might I experience if _____________?
  • How do I _____________?
  • What is blocking me from ___________?
  • What matters most in my life right now? 
  • What new opportunities are arising for me?

As a natural Medium and Intuitive Practitioner, Lisa channels Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides who provide Insight to your query. 

Lisa has always had the natural gift of Mediumship and Good Intuition, and has developed her skills to use her talents as a professional Intuitive Practitioner.  Every reading is personalized - as different Masters, Guides and Angels will provide Lisa with different Energies, information, and different senses and skills - that are for your highest good at the time of the reading. Lisa's passion to help you overcome struggles and live as your Best Self is her qualifying attribute.  

Meet your Intuitive Practitioner: Lisa Karasek is a Mind Body Spirit Coach who’s Certifications in Eating Psychology, TRE® Facilitation (tension and trauma release), and Level 1 Holistic Metamorphosis – provides unique results for your unique relationship with your Self. An Intuitive Practitioner, Lisa provides deeper insight through Intuitive Readings, Card Readings, and Angelic Energy Healing. 

We’re all reaching for a higher vibration, and raising awareness in to our Mind Body Spirit complex, bringing us closer to our hOMe frequency.