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Smita P. Patel, R. Ph. 
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pharmacist, Owner

Smita Patel is a Ugandan native who came to the United Sates of America in 1982 and opened her shop in 1993 after receiving her pharmaceutical degree from Howard University.

Over the years as a pharmacist and healing practitioner, she became increasingly aware of the positive benefits and effects that whole food supplements had on the body and vitality.  She also developed a more holistic view of healing originating from her years of devoted study to Ayurvedic medicine.  Smita began fusing the concepts of "Integrative Wellness" with Ayurveda and the cutting-edge knowledge of modern medicine to create a revolutionary new path towards health and well-being.  

Smita came to the study of Ayurveda after suffering a life threatening disease.  Ayurvedic medicine not only improved her condition, it completely healed her when all other pathways gave her terminal diagnoses.  In 2006 Smita integrated pharmaceutical knowledge into her practice of holistic healing as the primary process for achieving optimal health.  She continues to heal and help all who come to see her through nutrition, supplements, education, and consultation.  Smita overflows with positive energy, is full of life, and wants to leave the world a better place than the way she found it.  She conveys a message of hope to all that can hear her.