Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a consultation?

The initial consultation is where Smita reviews your history, challenges, and goals to provide a path to achieve a higher state of wellness and well-being.  Listed below are the options for scheduling a consultation:

  1. Call us to make an appointment.  [click here for store info]
  2. Stop in to see us and make an appointment.  [click here for map]
  3. Email us and we will contact you. :) [click here for contact form]

If you cannot make an in-person consultation, we offer Skype and FaceTime as alternatives.  If you would like additional information about consultations, you can find it here [consultation information].

Can I do a consultation via webcam; like with Skype or FaceTime?

Yes.  In order to assist as many clients as possible, Smita is happy to consult via Skype, FaceTime, or via phone if the others are not available.

 To expand her reach and work as closely as possible with clients, Skype is nice alternative where a webcam can be used on a computer, laptop, or tablet to interact for more complete diagnosis and consultations.

Where can I get Skype?

To get Skype, click on this link, choose they type of download, download and install Skype.

[click to get Skype]

** Once Skype is installed (per their instructions), please test the Webcam, Microphone, Audio setup on your device to make sure all works well before the appointment.

Please contact us by phone for procedures to start the consult.

Where can I get FaceTime?

If you own any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop), they should already come with FaceTime installed.  All you have to do is setup an account with FaceTime and contact us by phone for procedures to start the consult.

What is the 'Symptom Survey'?

The Symptom Survey is an extensive list of questions about your wellness an current status that is used for the initial consultation.  This allows Smita to focus on specific areas of imbalance and begin your personalized wellness program.

We will review this with you when the initial appointment is made.