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Wellness Coaching


Weather you are trying to improve or manage your health and looking for healthy nutritional supplementation, let us guide you on your journey...

You have arrived here because our fast-paced lives today are imbalanced from stress, environment, poor food, medication, and lack of clarity just to name a few.  Healthy living is not just changing ones diet, it starts with awareness, an alignment to our unique body constitution and extends to what we put into our bodies while encompassing our desires in life.  

Experience our fusion of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the cutting-edge knowledge of modern medicine to create an integrated path towards health and well-being.  We offer one-on-one consultations to help assist people with their journey into a thriving state of health.  The consultations are private, thorough, and transformative.  Our skilled practitioners guide you through a "journey into healing" that explores and explains how to bring these timeless healing practices into your wholeness of life.    

Please visit our Testimonials Page to read about how we have balanced and uplifted peoples lives.  Our bodies are very powerful and in most cases can heal themselves with the alignment of mind, body, soul.   

Initial consultations can be 45 - 60 minutes and are very thorough covering core imbalance issues, nutrition, and cellular function.  Subsequent consultations can be in-person, via phone, and / or via Skype video conferencing.  

** PLEASE bring any / all pertinent medical records, labs, history to review and note specific issues and goals below.   Let us guide you on your journey.  

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