I have been going to Smeeta for years now. Anytime i have an issue, I think to myself “What would Smeeta do?” Whether its allergies, hormones, hair shedding, you name it, she has a cure. I used to think antibiotics were the way to go and I often hesitated when it came to reaching out to Smeeta for holistic help, but she proved time and time again that the path to wellness is not through western medicine. She is patient, kind, loving, and extremely brilliant and I trust her with my life.

About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was really struggling. I tried antibiotics for weeks and nothing worked. Smeeta has been working with me for about two months now and has helped my gut health, my mental health, and my emotional wellbeing. She could tell which supplements were working and which ones weren’t just by looking at me. I am now on a regime and feeling better than I have in the past 6 months and I owe everything to Smeeta. I recommend her to everyone I know and I could honestly not say one bad thing about her. I love you Smeeta!
— Maddie D, Silver Spring, MD

I think everyone should be going to Smeeta’s Pharmacy. She is the best healer in the United States and maybe the world. I met Smeeta about 10 years ago and she has helped me through many ailments. I am in great health and I am well educated in Eastern and Western medicine because of her. Smeeta gets to the root of the problem and heals the whole body in a healthy natural way. I was under Smeeta’s care for my whole pregnancy and couldn’t be happier. If you are reading this review, get in your car and go there!! Trust me you will be satisfied. I live in California now and still call Smeeta, she ships so everything comes right to my door now.
— Alicia C, Alamedia, CA

When I first visited Smita 6 months ago I was suffering from insomnia, chronic indigestion, anxiety and multiple other issues. Smita was kind, caring and thorough in her analysis of my ailments. She developed a customized regimen of supplements and dietary changes that have greatly improved my life and I feel like a new person! I live over 3 hours away and it is well worth the drive to visit with her for periodic follow-ups. I recommend her to both family and friends and have more faith in her ability to heal my ailments than I do with any form of traditional medicine.
— Crystal D, Richmond, VA

Smita has helped my son and me immensely! She really took the time to get to know us and determine our core problems. I have healed nicely from an accident which left my doctors pleasantly amazed. My son is able to focus much better in school. I have not found anyone so eager to help and care as much as she does! Thank you for everything Smita!
— Alan Y, Columbia, MD