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Gong Meditation Workshop

with David Martin


Feel like learning something beautiful and new?  How about one of our classes, a few hour Workshop or one of our upcoming Retreats which combine multiple healthy disciplines...

Smeeta's offers regular classes that are sure to uplift the mind, body, and soul.  These are typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes.  They are made to teach, relax, lower stress, and uplift.  Please check the events for upcoming and reoccurring classes.

We are proud to offer workshops to help perpetuate healthy lifestyles and quality of life.  Our workshops typically run from a couple hours to a full day depending on the subject matter or discipline.  These are practitioner led and are on site or off site.  Please inquire below if you are interested in a particular area, or to check on our schedule of upcoming workshops.

Our retreats are held off site and are usually 1-3 days depending on the agenda and focus.  Retreats will contain multiple workshops that range from nutritional, healthy cooking, to meditation, massage, spa to seminars and knowledge transfer for healthy living.  We urge you to gather up your friends and submit a request below for a specific type of retreat and / or area of focus.  Let us line up all practitioners, speakers, and add a few workshops to invigorate the mind, body, and soul.  Use the below form to request a schedule of upcoming retreats.


Smeeta's Cooking Workshops


Come join us for a wonderful experience of learning to cook the Ayurvedic way.  We will eat as we cook and lean insights into natural, healthy, whole food cooking with a beautiful Indian flare.  :) 

Check out the Events schedule to find the next workshop.

We hope to cook with you soon.

Some images from our previous workshops...

Smeeta's Guided Meditation Workshop


Join us upstairs at Smeeta's for a peaceful guided meditation workshop.  Come and share in the positive energy that will lift your spirits and help you cope and thrive in this challenging environment.

Perfect for beginners and those who enjoy guided meditations.


Gong Meditation Workshop with David Martin

A gong bath meditation is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system and serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and spiritual blockages. Sound and music are nutrients for the nervous system. The gong can empower health, learning and productivity. The gong resonates all 30 trillion cells of the body!

This meditation utilizes various Kundalini yoga practices, breathing techniques (pranayama) and chanting of healing mantras to prepare the mind and body for

    Meditation. Sound is a vibration that causes resonance and rhythm in our bodies, touches us and influences our emotions like nothing else. The gong is one of the oldest therapeutic instruments.

    Yoga Nidra - Some of the gong workshops will add Yoga nidra which is a practice that can take you to a relaxed body, fluid mind, and supercharged intuition. It incorporates meditation on the breath, the balancing of emotional states, visualization and self-healing.  It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep. Yoga nidra is translated as "yogic sleep."  This state of consciousness (yoga nidra) is different from meditation in which concentration on a single focus is required. In yoga nidra the practitioner remains in a state of light pratyahara with four of his or her senses internalised, that is, withdrawn, and only the hearing still connects to the instructions. The yogic goal of both paths, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation are the same, a state called samadhi.

    The practice of yoga relaxation has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain respond well. It has been used to help soldiers from war cope with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    This workshop is appropriate for beginners and advanced.

    Workshop requisites:

    • Comfortable clothing
    • Yoga mat
    • Blanket (we lie down during the gong portion and you may get cool)

    Purification Program Workshop by Standard Process

    SP-lady jumping.png


    The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program

    Purifying, Nourishing, and Maintaining a Healthy Body and Weight

    Clearer. Brighter. Lighter. Your life in high resolution. 


      The Standard Process Purification Program helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. The program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Along with Standard Process supplements, you’ll support your major organ systems with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in whole foods. In addition, this program supports the maintenance of healthy weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle. When you’ve completed the 21-day purification program, you’ll be amazed at how good you find yourself feeling. You’ll learn how to transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward a clearer, brighter, lighter way of life now and in the years ahead.

      Why do I need purification? 

      Purification, also known as detoxification, can help you remove natural toxins from your body and help maintain a healthy weight. We are exposed to external toxins on a daily basis. These include pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals. Internally our bodies produce waste byproducts as a result of normal metabolic function. Although your body is designed to rid itself of these toxins naturally, it can become overburdened. Purification offers your body additional support to expel and metabolize these toxins and manage weight, which is important to maintaining your health and vitality. Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions:

      • Stuffy head
      • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
      • Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset
      • Food cravings and weight gain
      • Reduced mental clarity
      • Low libido
      • Skin that’s not looking its best
      • Joint discomfort

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