Nutritional & Spiritual Classes, Workshops, Retreats


Feel like learning something beautiful and new?  How about one of our classes, a few hour Workshop or one of our upcoming Retreats which combine multiple healthy disciplines...

Smeeta's offers regular classes that are sure to uplift the mind, body, and soul.  These are typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes.  They are made to teach, relax, lower stress, and uplift.  Please check the events for upcoming and reoccurring classes.

We are proud to offer workshops to help perpetuate healthy lifestyles and quality of life.  Our workshops typically run from a couple hours to a full day depending on the subject matter or discipline.  These are practitioner led and are on site or off site.  Please inquire below if you are interested in a particular area, or to check on our schedule of upcoming workshops.

Our retreats are held off site and are usually 1-3 days depending on the agenda and focus.  Retreats will contain multiple workshops that range from nutritional, healthy cooking, to meditation, massage, spa to seminars and knowledge transfer for healthy living.  We urge you to gather up your friends and submit a request below for a specific type of retreat and / or area of focus.  Let us line up all practitioners, speakers, and add a few workshops to invigorate the mind, body, and soul.  Use the below form to request a schedule of upcoming retreats.

Smeeta's Cooking Workshops


Come join us for a wonderful experience of learning to cook the Ayurvedic way.  We will eat as we cook and lean insights into natural, healthy, whole food cooking with a beautiful Indian flare.  :) 

Check out the Events schedule to find the next workshop.

We hope to cook with you soon.

Some images from our previous workshops...

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